Friday, April 25, 2014

Oh Me! Oh My! Jeffrey Lynn movies airing on TCM!! Count me in!

 TCM will be airing a few of Jeffrey Lynn's films within the next couple of months. These films aren't usually on TCM that much but they are interesting and fun to watch.

MAY 16th: My Love Came Back(1940) stars Olivia De Havilland, Jeffrey Lynn, Charles Winniger, Eddie Albert, and Jane Wyman. Quirky romantic comedy about a young violinist who falls in love with a young business manager.

June 6th : Law of the Tropics (1941) stars Constance Bennett and Jeffrey Lynn. I'm not giving away information about this movie because it's just soooooo ridiculous! Just watch it for Jeffrey's bizarre mustache. ;)

June 11th: A Child is Born(1940) stars Geraldine Fitzgerald and Jeffrey Lynn. A convict is about to give birth to her child in a maternity ward where she feels she doesn't belong.

July 4th: The Fighting 69th(1940) stars James Cagney, Pat O' Brien, Dennis Morgan, and Jeffrey Lynn. One of my favorite films about the war! You definitely need to check it out!

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Terence Towles Canote said...

I have to second The Fighting 69th. I love that film!