Sunday, March 29, 2009

Obsessions of the week

I'm sorry that I haven't been on a bit, I've been so busy lately but hopefully I can get on more. Well here are my picks for the Obsessions-

Lately I've been really in the mood to watch Tyrone Power films, and I really can't explain it. On Friday, I watched "The Rains Came, then on Saturday I watched "Love is News", and today I watched "Blood and Sand". If that isn't bad enough, I'm planning on watching "Black Swan" "Son of Fury", and "Yank at R.A.F." tomorrow,Tuesday, and Wednesday. lol I don't know why I'm crazy about Tyrone Power but I'm quite enjoying his films. Ohh yeah if you didn't guess already I was the one who voted for Tyrone Power even though I originally voted for Joe Cotten.

On Thursday I became absolutely fascinated with the Kennedy brothers because of watching some biographies on Jacqueline and Caroline, I became interested in them. Again I can't really explain my fascination about this. lol

When I watched "Midnight Mary" a couple of days ago, I thought Loretta Young was fantastic and have been more interested in seeing her movies.

So yeah hopefully I can stop procrastinating and get back on more, so be on the lookout for the Melvyn Douglas post and some other sweets. :)


Kate Gabrielle said...

Wasn't Midnight Mary fantastic? Unfortunately I haven't seen many other Loretta Young movies that compare. The only other pre-codes I've seen her in are very anti-feminist and not very pre-code like at all.

Millie said...

Hahaha, I almost voted for Tyrone! That happens to me too! I get in these weird unexplainable moods where I all I want to watch are Tyrone's kinda creepy actually! ;-D

Millie said...

And btw, aren't you in love with his gorgeous eyes?

Lolita said...

Tyrone Power, The Kennedy Brothers, Loretta Young... You have quite a taste in your obsessions! I also want to see more Loretta Young films. See to it that you tip us when you have!

bubblewrap said...

I went through a Tyrone Power phase about 6 months back. There's still a few of his movies I haven't seen though. I have the box set of his Fox released last year- definately a great investment. A lot of movies and some really great special features