Monday, March 30, 2009

Would you?

Would you visit your favorite actor/actress/director/etc's grave? Personally I would but I'm interested to hear what others think of it. Are you the type who would just be too freaked out by the whole situation or are you comfortable with graves? If you would visit a celebrities grave, who would it be? For me I would really have to narrow it down to two but in actuality I would so visit more than those two. I would love to visit James Dean's grave in Indiana and Jeffrey Lynn's grave in California. Ohh and if it offends anyone, I apologize ahead of time.


Raquelle said...

If I ever make it out to California, I'm hittin' all the major cemeteries. I'm not leaving there without visiting Norma Shearer, Marilyn Mornoe, etc.

I actually have come to really respect cemeteries. I used to photograph them and have always found them to be very peaceful. Plus so many are beautiful that they look like gardens of plants and stone. :-)

Sarah said...

If and when I go to California, I'm hitting the cemetaries just like Raquelle. I've thought about it a few times with the "maybe it's too weird" or "how creepy, cemetaries" but I actually think that they are peaceful. Some of them are like very beautiful parks! One of my places to visit out of CA is definately James Dean's, like you.

Kate Gabrielle said...

I think I'd visit the Hollywood cemetery if I ever get to CA-- the one that they feature in the TCM promo (I think it's Hollywood Forever?) For some reason I have trouble visiting my family's graves, like my grandparents, but I actually think it would be neat to visit the stars.

Any specific star? I'd like to visit Frank Sinatra. He was buried with Jack Daniels and a roll of dimes (a superstition he had since his son was kidnapped) To be honest, at Frank's grave, I'd probably cry :(

Isabel said...

Tyrone Power's grave is beautiful, and it's by a pond - an idyllic spot, very peaceful. A must-see.

nino said...

I lived in LA for 6 years and I had a great time wandering the cemeteries !!

There are tours of stars and you can see many graves here and there. When Jack Lemmon died, I attended his funeral in Westwood Memorial (where Natalie Wood is buried along with Marilyn Monroe, Burt Lancaster, Dean Martin and many others.)

There is another big cemetery right behind Paramount Pictures with many many others including Valentino and ...

There is also a stars-on-stars show where they play classic movies in cemetery at night so you watch them while sitting on their graves !! (creepy, eh?)

So yeah, I'm a cemetery guy :)