Wednesday, March 11, 2009

TCM's Star of the Month- Ronald Reagan Pic Spam

In honor of Ronald Reagan being TCM's Star of the Month, I thought I would do a special pic spam for him. I haven't seen that many of his films but I'm kind of excited to see some more. I'll be watching "The Million Dollar Baby'', though it really isn't his film. I really liked him in "Dark Victory" and "Kings Row". Which Ronald Reagan films have you seen and which were your favorites? I'm fairly new to his movies, so I can't really say but I would love to hear what you think. I'm personally not thinking of the politics part of his life, just the Hollywood part of his life. Ohh and I'm thinking of possibly doing a pic spam for each TCM Star of the Month, what do you think about that?

Ann Sheridan and Ronald in "Kings Row"

Jane, their daughter, and Ronald

Ronald and Jane

Ronald and Nancy

I'm not exactly sure the woman is.

Jane Wyman and Ronald

Ronald and Marilyn Monroe

Ronald and Nancy

Adele Gergens and Ronald

Jane Wyman and Ronald

Ice Skater Hazel Franklin and Ronald


Kate Gabrielle said...

Love the idea of pic spam for each star of the month! Next month should be fun to do, because it's one of those months where the star is actually a bunch of stars (funny ladies) TONS of pic spam! Whatever will you do for Summer Under the Stars :)

Nicole said...

Thanks Kate, Ohh funny ladies thta should be fun. Ohhh I guess I'll do the whole week of the stars in one post and then just keeping doing it that way I suppose. :-)

Anonymous said...

The lady you didn't know was his mother Nelle.