Monday, April 27, 2009

Dancer #1- Fred Astaire

I'm often going back and forth on who I like better Fred or Gene and I'm always in the middle with it. The thing is you can never compare the two because their dancing styles were completely different from one another. While Gene was a masculine and strong dancing man, Fred was a classy and gentlemanly man.

Why I really love Fred Astaire's dancing is his ability in not only making himself look good but his partner as well. He was able to be team up with anyone and he could make them look so good. His most famous pairing was with Ginger Rogers. When they came on the screen together, you knew you were going to see some magic happen right before your very eyes.

Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers Pictures, Images and Photos

Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers Pictures, Images and Photos

His style was always so dapper and sophisticated in all of his movies.

One of my favorite dance scenes with Fred and Ginger

Even as he got into his 50's, he still brought his incredible dancing skills to the movie screen for fans to enjoy.

Not only did he pair fantastically with Ginger, he was able to dance on a roof and with a coat hanger but my absolute favorite song and dance scene with Fred Astaire is "Isn't it a lovely day", where he sings to Ginger Rogers. Though it is rainy and ugly outside, you can feel the chemistry between the two dancers and that's why I love them. Enjoy!

Best Decade- 1930's

fred astaire Pictures, Images and Photos

Best Partner- Ginger Rogers

Movies I would recommend of his-

Easter Parade
Swing Time
Top Hat
The Gay Divorcee
You'll Never Get Rich

Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth Pictures, Images and Photos


C.K. Dexter Haven said...

Next to the Thin Man movies, the Astaire-Rogers musicals would be the films I'd most like to spend eternity watching.

BTW, I like the approach you're taking in that you write about these stars and their movies as if introducing them to someone who's never seen them before. I try and do the same thing. Great stuff--I'm impressed at how good your blog has become! :)

Lolita said...

Oh, I loved that dance teaching scene! Fred Astaire was just swell.

Kate Gabrielle said...

Fred and Ginger... my favorite movies of all time!
Wonderful post! I love the scene at the dance school too :)

C.K. Dexter Haven said...

I should also mention that my wife has been trying to find an exact duplicate of the dress worn by Ginger in the "Pick Yourself Up" number. She bases much of her fashion sense on the Rogers look, exept for the feathered thing, of course.

IMO Ginger's best dresses are:

1) the white one in Swing Time. I did a post on it; Ginger's also my most recent entry--I've seriously got her on the brain.

2) The chainmail creation from Follow the Fleet--it shows more of Ginger, and that's a good thing.

Lauren said...

YES! Fred, I love Fred!
He's so adorable!
I read some other people's comments, and I want to find a black satin dress like Ginger's in Roberta. That is my FAVOURITE dress!!

Eva Garcia said...

Great post! C.K. Dexter Haven... did your wife find a duplicate of the dress? If yes, I would love to know where!!