Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dancer #2- Gene Kelly

Polar opposites in attire and style, Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly were the most talented and popular dancers of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Fans flocked to see the dapper Fred and the athletic Gene in movies. It was often quite hard in choosing which dancer you liked more because they both were so fun to watch. They both possessed a light-hearted personality to fit with their screen persona. Though it seems right now, that I'm only talking about Fred and Gene, today is all about Gene. Just like how yesterday I talked of Fred's style, today I'm going to talk about Gene's style of dancing.

Gene's style was masculine and athletic and that's what attracted men and women alike to the theaters. Just as Fred was a perfectionist with his dancing, so was Gene. They both wanted to captivate the audience to be in awe of their dancing and they both were able to accomplish that goal.

The reason I really love Gene Kelly is because he looks like the average Joe but then he brings out this dancing style that really makes you take notice. His most famous dancing scene is probably when he is deeply and happily in love and singing in the rain.

Through the 1940's to the 1960's and beyond, Gene kept on dancing and making audiences go wild. My absolute favorite scene of Gene dancing is with Debbie Reynolds and Donald O' Connor in "Singin in The Rain". Though the entire movie is a great pick me up when you aren't having the best day, that particular scene always puts a smile to my face.

Best Decade- 1950's

Best Partner- Judy Garland and Rita Hayworth

Movies I would recommend of his-

Singin in the Rain
An American in Paris
For Me and My Gal
Cover Girl
On the Town

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Genevieve said...

I don't think I could ever decide between Gene and Fred. If I need some eye candy that makes me weak in the knees, I go with Gene. If I want a gentleman to sweep me off my feet, I go with Fred. Put the two together and you've got the perfect guy! : )