Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dancer #3- Marge Champion

Probably the most underrated dancer on my list of favorite dancers, Marge Champion was able to make quite a name for herself in movies and on Broadway. Though Marge hasn't done as many as films as Gene or Fred, she still put quite an impression on me, even though I haven't seen many movies of hers. In nearly all of her films, she is able to steal the show from the other actors. Take for instance, when she was in "Three for the Show"(the first movie I saw with her in it), she was absolutely fantastic in the role as Betty Grable's best friend, who seeks to have a relationship with Gower(Gower's character is fawning over Betty but in the end, we all know who he ends up with). Even though, the film isn't remembered that much today, Marge's performance in the film is remarkable to watch. She is an absolute delight in the film especially when she dances with Gower.

One of my favorite things about Marge is that she comes off as such a happy and delightful person, who doesn't let the small things get to her. She has a very uplifting personality that shines in every movie that she has been in. Even as she got older, she still had a positive and welcoming attitude towards her fans.

If she had gotten the chance to dance with Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly, it would have been electric and definitely worth watching.Though she didn't get the chance to dance with either men, she did get to dance with her husband Gower. It's an absolute treat to watch the two dance as they express their feelings through dancing.

Some people will give up as they get older, but Marge, she's not one to give up. Nearly 90 years old(she turns 90 in September), she continues to dance even today. That's why Miss Marge Champion is not only one of my absolute favorite dancers but she's one of my idols because she isn't going to give up on life at all.

Movies I would recommend of hers-
Show Boat
Three for the Show
Lovely to Look at
Give a Girl a Break
Everything I have is Yours

Best Decade- 1950's

Best Partner- Gower Champion


marcco said...

a great tribute to marge, thanx! i forget what great dancers she and gower were... the setting and dance to 'smoke gets in your eyes' is spectacular.

and let's not forget, marge acted as the live-action model for 'snow white' for the animators of disney's "snow white and the seven dwarfs" 1938.

Java Bean Rush said...

See Marge Champion's interview with the Archive of American TV