Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dancer #4 Gower Champion

Much like Gene Kelly in style, Gower Champion was partner to wife Marge in their popular dance team during the 1940's and 1950's. Though today, he is more known for directing hits on Broadway, Gower was marvelous to watch on the big screen.

While wife Marge attracted fans with her cute and enlightening personality, Gower brought the masculinity and strength to the couple's dances.

My reasoning for liking Gower so much is that not only was he an incredible dancer and choreographer, but he was able to always tell a story through his dancer, no matter the partner he danced with. When he danced with Cyd Charisse, audiences were captivated by the lovely couple dancing. Even though, he danced wonderfully with Cyd, no one was a better dance partner with him than Marge Champion. In every movie that they made together, it was not just a joy to watch but you could never look away. They made you sit still and watch as they told their story through dance.

Why I love watching dancers, is because they are able to express their feelings and emotions through body movement and dancing. Fred, Gene, Marge, Gower, and Ann blew people away with new and inventive dancing.

Movies of his I would recommend-

Show Boat
Lovely to Look at
Give a Girl a Break
Everything I have is yours
Three for the Show

I really wish that MGM had given Marge and Gower more of a chance on the big screen because I know that they would have been brillant in any role that they were given. Unfortunately we will never be given the chance to see the most thrilling dancers dance again but at least we still have the memory of them, doing what they loved best- dancing.

Best Decade- 1950's

Best Dance Partner- Marge Champion

I am so terribly sorry for not writing this yesterday but I didn't get a chance at all in posting it until today. I will be writing up Ann Miller's blog post tomorrow because I know I will have more of a chance to write then. I know I will be a day off on it but at least I'm writing it up. I'm also going to try to put the results up of the last poll and I do realize that the clips that I posted here are the same on Marge's but they didn't have any of just Gower, so I had to go with these. I hope you all have been enjoying the Dancers' week because I had a lot of fun writing about how much I enjoy watching them. Ta-Ta for now :)

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See Marge Champion's interview with the Archive of American TV