Saturday, May 23, 2009

The 180 Tag: Katharine Hepburn

I was just tagged by Casey to do this. It was originally started by Kate in which she listed Glenn Ford as the actor she didn't like but she grew to love him. For Casey, it was Marilyn Monroe. The rules were- Name an actor, actress or director that you started out despising (or just really not liking) but ended up loving. Or vice versa, someone you started out loving and ended up despising (or just really not liking) — and explain why.

And for me, it was Katharine Hepburn. When I first became an old movie fan, I could not stand Katharine Hepburn. She always displayed herself as a snotty know-it-all and I just couldn't stand it. No one else acted this way, so why did she have to be so different from everyone else? Well my answered was solved, once I began to learn more about her. At first, when I would watch her movies, I would find someone else in the movie to grab my attention, so I didn't think of her. Sad I know, but I've really grown to like her. When I first saw "The Philadelphia Story", I actually thought it was horrible mainly because of Katharine Hepburn and her snotty behavior in the film but there is just something about her, that I really like. No longer do I see her as this know-it-all actress but as a woman who is able to get what she wants and always to deliver. In every movie she was in(whether it was a good film or a bad film), she always impressed. One of my favorite movies of hers is "Holiday", where instead of playing the snooty upper society rich girl, she plays the sister who is able to show real human companionship than any other character in the film. Through that film, I was able to really appreciate her more and to realize that, she was only being herself. A lot of actors and actresses all seem to act and behave the same way, there is no originality in Hollywood anymore and that's why Katharine Hepburn is so unique. No one will ever reach her caliber that she was able to accomplish. Katharine was an educated woman who was able to do things on her own and that's why I like her. I guess that's a big reason why I love Old Hollywood, it's because they were so original. No one can ever replace them and that is something that today's Hollywood really lacks- ORIGINALITY!

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If you haven't been tagged, consider yourself tagged now. :)


Kate Gabrielle said...

I had a 360 with Katharine Hepburn, actually-- she was one of my favorites when I first discovered classic films, then somehow I started not liking her or her movies, and now I'm back to liking her again (after adoring her performance in Alice Adams) Holiday is one of my favorites too! :D

Have you seen her Dick Cavett interview? I think its on YouTube... talk about originality! :)

Casey said...

I used to feel exactly the same about Kate. Her cultured voice just seemed so fake to me. And her mannerisms always came off as ham-ish. I can't quite remember what changed my mind about her, but I have so much respect for her now. Must admit though, I don't really like The Philadelphia Story even now because it seems like a constant slug fest against poor Kate.

btw - If you'd like to have the comprehensive list of the 180 posts, Elizabeth at Oh by Jingo! Oh by Gee! has one on Marion Davies :)

Lolita said...

I thought this was quite a hard task! Now I've finally done it ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm weird. Kate's snootiness is what endeared her to me, whether it was in her films or in her personal life. I cannot stand obnoxious people (they invade my daily life far too regularly), but for dear Kate, I make the ultimate exception.

Millie said...

Hey, Nicole

I have given your blog the Friendly Blogger award!

Meredith said...

i feel exactly the same way about kate, i've really grown to admire her and her very unique screen personality. i'm still not too keen on the philadelphia story (gasps) but holiday is definitely one of my favorites.