Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Merry Old English Actors

There is just something so interesting and fascinating about British Actors. Can I really explain my fascination? Not exactly, I could say it was their accents that makes me want to watch their movies but I know that wouldn't be entirely true. I could also say that their gentlemanly behavior has always attracted me. Why is it, they always seem so put together and regal? Again, I can't explain it but whatever it is, I just adore British Actors. Since I was younger, there was always a certain kind of appeal towards them, so you guessed it, this blog post centers entirely on them. For this blog post, I'm going to write about 5 different British Actors(all are listed on the poll) and what I like about them the most, and movies of theirs you should check out. It's bit of an introduction if you haven't been formally introduced. So sit back, grab some popcorn(if you eat that, that is), and enjoy this blog post. :)

I'm not very familiar with this British Actor but after seeing him in just one movie, I've become more tempted to see more of his films. Irish Actor- Richard Todd, the first movie I had seen him in was the 1950 film "Stage Fright", in which he played a man who is hiding away from the police for possibly killing his lover's husband. What is so terrifying about him in this film is that he can be this calm and relaxed man one moment and then the next you are scared out of your mind, if he's going to kill you. He gave me the chills while I was watching the movie and that's why I had to see more of his films. Now don't get the idea, that he was only known for playing psychotic killers because he was known for more than that. He had done several war films throughout the 1950's and 1960's and starred with such actors and actresses as Robert Taylor and Bette Davis. He played roles such as Sir Walter Raleigh to Robin Hood, so this actor wasn't the type to play only one type of character. He was quite a versatile actor and that's why I find him so intriguing. Below is part one of "Stage Fright", after seeing this movie twice I am more than ready to see more of his films. He is one talented Irishmen.

Films to Check out-
"Stage Fright"
"The Dam Busters"
"A Man Called Peter"
"The Virgin Queen"
"D-Day, The Sixth of June"

With talented daughters, you could only expect that their Father, John Mills would be just as talented. Though personally, I haven't seen any of his films, John Mills is a name to be remembered. An extremely talented actor, many film fans often forget the English Actor. The English Actor made more than 120 films, in an amazing seven decade career. I almost feel guilty about not seeing more films of his because from what I've heard, he was incredibly talented. Just by watching a small clip of a movie with John Mills, I know that his talent is much more than I expected.

Films to Check out-
"Tunes of Glory"
"Hobson's Choice"
"Great Expectations"
"The Way to the Stars"
"The Wrong Box"

The man with one of the greatest voices is none other than Ronald Colman. With a crisp and clear sound to his voice, you can only imagine that Ronald Colman himself would be marvelous to watch. In practically every movie, he made Ronald portrayed characters with a story behind them. They weren't two dimensional characters, they had a life beyond just the movie. Ronald Colman was able to capture that in every single one of his movies, from his early films such as "The White Sister" to his later films such as "A Double Life", Ronald would always deliver the best to his audience. He was also able to always be a gentleman through and through.

Films to Check out-
"Random Harvest"
"A Tale of Two Cities"
"Lost Horizon"
"Beau Geste"
"The Prisoner of Zenda"

Before you get the idea, that Michael Wilding is only known for being Elizabeth Taylor's 2nd husband than you need an update. Michael Wilding had a film career before, during, and after his marriage to Elizabeth. Even though, he is more commonly known for his marriage to Elizabeth, Michael's acting was worth a look. His brilliant performance in "Stage Fright" as Detective Smith(A.K.A. Ordinary Smith) was what launched my interest in watching more of his films. And if you thought, he was typecast into the same old roles, you are wrong again. Michael played a detective one moment but then he could play a tights wearing Prince Charming and still make it look so good.

Films to Check out-
"Stage Fright"
"The Glass Slipper"
"Piccadilly Incident"
"Under Capricorn"
"Spring in Park Lane"

And finally one of the greatest British Actors that I've ever seen on the screen, Michael Redgrave. Michael Redgrave was a suave, put together, sarcastic Englishman with a sense of humor that attracted the audience. When I first saw him, I was flabbergasted at how funny he was. I don't know exactly why, I believed he would be uptight but I was just happy at the surprise that I had seen. He wasn't the type of man who was overly this or that, he was right in the middle, which fit his personality perfectly. When I watched him in "No, My Darling Daughter", as an overbearing father, I could completely envision like the character when it came to his daughters. Every character, he portrayed he was able to make you believe he was them. From his character in "The Lady Vanishes" to "The Dam Busters", he was just so darn believable in every film role. One thing, that I believe an actor should incorporate into their actor is part of themselves, otherwise the character doesn't seem entirely real. Michael was able to add just a perfect dash of himself in every character and that's why he's so incredibly fascinating.

Films to Check out-
"The Lady Vanishes"
"The Dam Busters"
"Mr. Arkadin"
"No, My Darling Daughter"
"Dead of Night"

I'm terribly sorry it took such a long time to write up but I hope you all like it now. I may later on be writing a blog post on British Actresses, if you have any suggestions, that would be lovely to hear from you. I know it didn't include every single British Actor but I think this blog post is just an introduction into that world of actors.


Millie said...

Oh, I adore British actors!

On your poll I voted for Michael Wilding, because he just possibly has the most adorable Brit accent EVER!

I also love Michael Redgrave...

And, I thought Richard Todd was brilliant in Stage Fright, but that is all I have seen of him.

Ginger Ingenue said...

Aw, no Leslie Howard? ;)

Consider mine a write-in vote...

Java Bean Rush said...

I know Richard Todd mostly from watching his turn in Disney live action films during my childhood.

His was the first Robin Hood that I had seen on film, and as such became the definitive image of the Sherwood Forest denizen for me, despite loving other actors' versions of the character.

I'm glad you mentioned him.