Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sorry Frank, it's time for the other guys to shine

On my last poll, I had asked Besides Frank Sinatra, which Rat Packer did you like most? Now the results have been tallied up and here are the results!

Coming in last place with 1 vote each, were the very funny Joey Bishop and the very talented Sammy Davis Jr. My Mom adores Sammy and so she was the vote for him. :)

Sammy smiles about the vote he received.

Joey ponders why he couldn't get more votes.

Coming in 2nd place, with quite an impressive 5 votes was the very charming Peter Lawford. The British heartthrob thanks his devoted fans.(I totally voted for him :D)

Peter makes the ladies swoon with his British accent and charm.

Peter may be the charming Englishman but there was someone who managed to slip away with more votes than he and he came off, just a tad more charming than Peter. The very fascinating Dean Martin won the coveted prize. Dean swayed his way into the number 1 spot with an astounding 9 votes to his name. Congrats to Dino!

I know that I keep apologizing for not being on or not posting but I really am sorry. I've been going through some things with my family and trying to be there for them and at the same time, I've been a little under the weather, so hopefully when I start to feel a lot better, I'll post another blog post for the Underdog Series. Any ideas on who I should do next? Ta-Ta for now. :)

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Millie said...

I voted for Peter too...he was SO super-cool!