Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Which dancer would you have liked to have seen more of? Poll Results

I am so sorry that it took me such a long time to write this up but my family and I aren't having the greatest week with finances. It was so bad, that we couldn't even go food shopping until yesterday and we only had $40 on us, but I think we are beginning to do better. My Dad just got an offer for his business, so fingers crossed everything goes alright. So now onto the results of the poll!!!

There was two dancers that no one was really feeling and they were Mr.Bob Fosse and Ms.Vera Ellen. They just couldn't dance their way into your hearts, I guess. The two ran out of the poll as soon as it was done with 0 votes. How sad.....

Next up on the poll is the very lovely and enchanting Miss Mitzi Gaynor, who beat the previous dancers with 1 vote. She feels quite content on the vote and thanks whoever who gave it to her.

With another ties on hands, Miss Marge Champion and Miss Betty Garrett both danced away with 2 votes.

The two ladies now are trying to compete with one another to see who is the better dancer.

Coming out of nowhere and coming into 2nd place, was the other half of the Champion's Mr. Gower Champion. Gower brought in 4 votes! I personally didn't think he could do it but he did and now all the ladies are wanting to rip his eyes. Those ladies are quite vicious creatures, don't you think?

Gower tries his best Fred Astaire impersonation after the victorious 2nd place.

And coming in 1st place.... was none other than the tap dancing queen, Miss Ann Miller. Ann tapped your votes away to get in first place with 5 votes.

Ann feels so happy about her win, she's going to tap dance for you.

Trailer for her film "Small Town Girl"

If you didn't see already, the new poll is up and ready for your votes, so enjoy!

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Lauren said...

Ah I love Nat King Cole!! Good trailer!