Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Old Hollywood Dating Game

After weeks of trying to come up with an Old Hollywood version of the game, I now can finally say that it's ready for your viewing. I first needed to get a contestant and the mystery dates, which was rather easy after watching some movies a couple of weeks ago. As I finished with my choosing of the mystery dates, I knew right off the bat who I wanted to choose for the contestant. I knew it had to be Miss Marsha Hunt(Pride & the Prejudice). Now I decided that I would be keeping the mystery dates a mystery until the very end of the game. I will only be describing who they are through what I've found out about them and through their films.

Miss Marsha Hunt first began her career as a model but eventually made a career in Hollywood as an actress. She was often deemed as the "youngest character actress" because her roles were usually minor compared to the leading role. Marsha has done over 109 film and television appearances after beginning her career in 1935. She still continues to work today. Marsha needs your help in finding her a date.

Now it's time to describe the lucky men, first up is bachelor #1. Bachelor #1 has dark hair and stands at 6 feet tall. He has been in several films starting his career in the late 1930's. His roles ranged from the romantic beau to a convincing reverend. After his career in movies dwindled, he ventured into television and eventually took a gamble with real estate.

Bachelor #2 is also dark haired and stands at 6 feet 1 inch. Bachelor #2 started his career off with little known roles until his big break in the 1940's. Bachelor #2 spoke several languages including English, Italian, and Russian. As he got older, Bachelor #2 ventured behind the scene.

Bachelor #3 was a dark haired and a 6 feet tall man. He had starred with several leading ladies including Judy Garland and Lana Turner. Besides having a career in Hollywood, Bachelor #3 also did some Broadway plays and radio. While many actors were going off to fight during World War II, Bachelor #3 held up a career for himself during that time in Hollywood.

Now it's your turn to ask the questions for the Bachelors to answer. After the questions are answered, I'm going to be putting up a poll for you to vote on who, you would like Marsha Hunt to date. So bring on the questions!


Kate Gabrielle said...

Question for Bachelor #1: Did you ever star in a film with Susan Hayward?

Question for Bachelor #2: Did you ever direct episodes of Alfred Hitchcock presents when you went behind the camera?

Question for Bachelor #3: Were you a serious dramatic actor or a comedian?

Am I doing this right?
Love this game!! I hope this becomes a regular feature :D

Wendymoon said...

Bachelor #1 -- Complete this sentence: I've never told anyone this before, but...

Bachelor #2 -- If we could travel anywhere in the world, where would we go, and what would we do?

Bachelor #3 -- If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

Millie said...

#1 Do you like to sing?

#2 How do you feel about tofu?

#3 Do cats annoy you?

Lotten said...

Fun, fun, fun until the daddy took the T-bird away!

Bachelor #1: Would you prefer a successful, outgoing woman - or a responsible housewife?

Bachelor #2: Were you born in St. Petersburg?

Bachelor #3: What is your personal opinion of Bachelor #1 and #2?

Casey said...

This is great fun, Nicole!

Question for Bachelor #1: Are any of your family members in the acting business?

Bachelor #2: Do you like solving mysteries?

Bachelor #3: What do you think of garlic?