Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Style Icon: Dana Andrews

Last week, I had asked whether you wanted to see women again or some men, and everyone wanted to see men. I then named four men and out of those men, you were to choose just one. Randomly picking again, the lucky comment was from...... Miss McCrocodile who asked for Dana Andrews to be the next style icon after Robert Montgomery. What love about Dana Andrews' style is that he always looked so good, whether he was playing a detective, or if he was in the army, or just dressing up to go out, Dana always dressed his best. I have found a ton of Dana pictures, so enjoy everyone!!!

They certainly would have made an interesting couple don't you think? lol

Aww look how young he is!

For next week's Style Icon, it will once again be a man and here are your choices-

- Gregory Peck
- Ronald Reagan
- Gary Cooper
- Burt Lancaster
- Joel McCrea(I know that he was nominated last week but it seemed a lot of you wanted to see him on here, so he's up here again!)

The next Style Icon will be randomly choosen and next Wednesday I will be posting the winner. Once again, thank you to all of the people who wished me a happy birthday on Monday, every single one of you is awesome. Hope you all are enjoying your week so far! :D


Millie said...

Yay, Dana!

You put up some great pics!

I vote for Joel McCrea next!

Miss McCrocodile said...

Thanks, I like this random "winning". Think I'll pick up a lottery ticket! Wonderful photos of Dana. He was so talented.
Hope to see handsome Joel McCrea next. I've loaned out my "Sullivan's Travels" DVD, so I think I'll watch "The More the Merrier" tonight!

DKoren said...

Nice! Could look at him all day, sigh. And style he had!

I also vote for Joel McCrea next!

Amanda Cooper said...

I vote for Gregory Peck. I've only seen two of his films, but because of those movies, and various other reasons, he'll always be special to me. Gregory! Peck! Gregory! Peck!

AbbyNormal said...

Peck me! Peck me!

Gregory Peck please :-)

Juliette. said...

Great pictures! First saw Dana in Laura, but first loved him in Fallen Angel. :)

My vote's for Joel.