Monday, August 10, 2009

It's my Birthday!!!

First and foremost, I want to say thank you to everyone who has wished me a Happy Birthday. You guys and gals are the absolute best!! I absolutely adore the blog posts, that Kate, Lolita, and Alexis have done for my birthday. You all are just so amazing and I am so happy to have you as friends on here. :D

Today is my 20th birthday, and wow I gotta say it feels weird to say I'm 20. lol


It's kind of a tradition around here, to list celebrities who share your birthday, so here they are.

Antonio Banderas- August 10th 1960
Rosanna Arquette- August 10th 1959
Norma Shearer- August 10th 1902
Rhonda Fleming- August 10th 1923
Noah Beery Jr- August 10th 1913
Eddie Fisher- August 10th 1928
Jimmy Dean(not the actor,)- August 10th 1928

Again thank you so much, you all have me smiling ear to ear today. :) THANK YOU!!!!!!


Kate Gabrielle said...

Happy Birthday Nicole!! In case you missed them, here are a few other b-day posts from this morning!!! :D

Nicole said...

Thank you so much for showing me the other posts as well. Again thank you so much!!

Maggie said...

Happy Birthday Nicole!

Nicole said...

Thank you Maggie!!

VP81955 said...

From everyone at "Carole & Co." (me, myself and I), happy birthday! Like both you and Powell and Loy, I'm a Leo, too (born Aug. 19).

Juliette. said...

Hope your birthday is swell...what a cool list of people to share it with! :)

Matthew Coniam said...

Happy Birthday, Nicole! If I knew the first thing about Jeffrey Lynn I'd make some sort of comment about him too, but I don't, so I can't.
But all the best anyway...
I can well remember my twentieth birthday, and when you get to my age, there's a fifty-fifty chance you will remember yours too.

Lolita said...

We can pretend that it's the "real" Jimmy Dean.
I know what you mean - there's quite a lot of warm feelings in this blogosphere, isn't it? :)

AbbyNormal said...

I am so completely jealous you share a birthday with Norma Shearer!!! How awesome is that?

Have a wonderful birthday!

Nicole said...

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes, you all are just so great!!!!