Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Style Icon: Robert Montgomery

Out of the 11 comments that were posted from my sunglasses post, #3 was the chosen one. #3 also happened to be Milllie's comment and she wanted to see Robert Montgomery as the first actor for my actor's fashion post. This post is all on Millie's pick, congrats! Personally I think, that I would deem Robert's style as one of the best. He always dressed to the nines whether it was in his movies, at a premiere, or just for a photo shoot, Robert always looked impressive. Ready to get bombarded by photos of the stylish actor? Well here you go!

Now would you like to see more stylish men or would you like to go back to the ladies??

If you choose Men, your choices are-

Dana Andrews
Ronald Colman
Clark Gable
Joel McCrea

If you choose Women, your choices are-

Rita Hayworth
Ida Lupino
Natalie Wood
Debbie Reynolds

Before you decide which actor or actress, let me know if you want to see more men or women and then list the actress or actor that is your pick. As usual, I will pick the next choice by random from comments posted. Have a good night everyone!


Kate Gabrielle said...

Oh, I want to print every one of these pictures and frame them! I love Robert Montgomery!!

Hm... I don't know which I'd rather you do more of. The men are eye candy but I love the fashions of the ladies :)

We seem to have similar taste, you've picked all of my favorite actors (except Charles Boyer) -- I can't pick from Ronald Colman, Joel McCrea or Dana Andrews!! I want you to do posts on all of them!! :D

Millie said...

Yay, I win! I win! ;-D

This post was amazing! I just adore Robert!

And, that photo of him blowing smoke is so classic!

Hmm, I think I'd like to see Joel McCrea or Dana Andrews...

Meredith said...

i'd say more men! my vote goes to joel mccrea.

Maggie said...

The one of him blowing smoke just oozes sex, but I really love the one of him and Carole Lombard-I love goofy pics!!

NoirGirl said...

Ahh, nothing like a good swoon over Mr. Montgomery to keep your day going. ;)

I vote for more men, particularly dishy Ronald Coleman.

I love these posts, Nicole!

Lolita said...

More men! Adorable, adorable Robert Montgomery photos! I vote for Ronald Colman.

Miss McCrocodile said...

What wonderful photos!
I adore Joel McCrea, but I'm afraid Dana Andrews just doesn't get enough love. One vote for Dana!

AbbyNormal said...

Nothing against the ladies as I love seeing how adorable they are in their fashions.

However, I give my love to the men here. I vote for Ronald Colman as I haven't really seen many photos of him in my random blog readings.

Alexis said...

Umm-- first of all I <3 Robert Montgomery. His daughter, Elizabeth, was my first real hero and the gateway actress to my classic film obsession. I wanted and want to be her.
He's charming and did great things in Hollywood when others weren't.