Saturday, September 26, 2009

What a Beauty: Paulette Goddard

My whole intention for the blog today, was to write up my Q+A with my Mom but all day today I've been in a Paulette Goddard mood. Paulette was not only stunning to look at, but she was incredibly funny and such a talented actress(as seen in "The Women" and several other movies), so I felt that today I would give her some much needed attention. I hope that TCM puts more of her movies on soon, because she is such a delight to watch! In honor of Paulette, here's some lovely photos of her in her heyday. Enjoy!

One of my favorite pictures of Miss Goddard

Tomorrow I will get the Q+A up and then on Monday, I will write one last post for Jeffrey Lynn. It might be on Jeffrey and Priscilla Lane's movies together or maybe a review, I haven't decided quite yet. Have a great night everyone!


Kate Gabrielle said...

I think I like the Halloween one best, it's so neat!

I haven't seen enough of her movies, I need to catch up :)

Nicole said...

I haven't many of her movies either. I've seen "The Women", "Modern Times", "Young in Heart", and "The Great Dictator". I really wish they would air more of her movies, it would be great to see more of her. :)

Miss McCrocodile said...

Wasnt' she fabulous?! Apparently George Gershwin thought so too. Whenever I see her I think of George's first impression when he met her in Hollywood-"Me likee".

Rupert Alistair said...

Paulette is one of my VERY favourite stars from the golden age. She was gorgeous and as perky and vivacious as they come. It's so good to see the photos of her in advanced years that are rarely seen and show that she was a beauty long after she retired.

Her films aren't shown often on TCM, except the ones mentioned above, because she was under contract @ Paramount, a library not available to TCM with the exception of occasional leased out properties.
Thank you so much for sharing these great photos of a great personality.

Lolita said...

Wow! Thanks for all the pictures! Paulette has that rare combination of beauty and looking slightly as she's being up to mischief!

Moira Finnie said...

I just discovered your lively blog today. I share many of your interests and recently re-discovered Paulette Goddard's warm sensual presence in a little indie called "On Our Merry Way" (1948) on TCM. I've recently read Burgess Meredith's autobiography, "So Far, So Good" in which he spoke fondly of his ex-wife, and commented that her bewitching blend of sex appeal and intelligence was never quite captured on film. As with those who knew her--and the numerous men who fell for her, Meredith thought that something inside her froze when "Action!" was called.

In case you have never seen it, the very good Mitchell Leisen-directed movie, "Kitty" (1945), in which Goddard plays a model for 18th century painter Gainsborough is on TCM on Feb 4 2010 at 10 PM. This film has never been released commercially on DVD and is one of Goddard's best.

Aminah said...

i ADORE Paulette!!!!!!! she's indescribable.