Friday, December 18, 2009

365 Movies: Son of Lassie Review

Son of Lassie(1945) stars Peter Lawford, Donald Crisp, June Lockhart, Nigel Bruce, and of course Lassie and Laddie. The film centers around Lassie's son, Laddie who lacks the same determination as his Mother but as the film progresses, Laddie proves to be just as tough as his mother. In the beginning, you see Laddie as a young pup with no skills but as he grows up, he's determined to be a loyal and trustworthy companion. Peter Lawford is the owner of both Laddie and Lassie and portrays a sweetness and loyalty towards both dogs, that you almost believe they are his dogs.

I have to give enormous credit to the dogs in this film, for how well they were trained. It's amazing to see a dog growl at the enemy but stand by his owner is so amazing. Those dogs were so well trained and they had the ability to perform everything they were asked to do with such finesse and easiness. Sometimes, they made the actors look bad(in case point- June Lockhart didn't do much for me in this film).

Even though, Peter Lawford appears first in the credits, he actually doesn't appear all that much in the film. Of course, the film belongs to Laddie.

The film wasn't all too bad but I found myself more amazed at how well trained the dogs were, than anything else.

It's a good movie for kids to watch and appreciate, much more so than what is out now.

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Millie said...

Oh, wow! I remember watching this a zillion years ago...haha

Anyways, I'm excited about your 365 thing!!

Tom said...

I didn't know Lassie had a son. Who was the father?