Saturday, December 19, 2009

365 Movies: Woman in White Review

Woman in White stars Alexis Smith, Eleanor Parker, Gig Young, and Sydney Greenstreet. The film is about a mysterious woman in white, who tries to warn a former acquaintance, of danger that is soon to come to her. Eleanor Parker stars as both the woman in white and as Laura Fairlie, a young innocent who is unaware of the dangers to come to her life. Eleanor plays both roles excellently and her performance is probably the best in the whole film. Second to her, but not all to far is Sydney Greenstreet, who plays the villain of the story. Every time I see him or Eleanor, I find myself consistently impressed with their acting. I love that both of them were able to do any genre so well( in case point- Sydney in "Christmas in Connecticut" and Eleanor in "A Hole in the Head".) They were just so very versatile and I look forward to seeing them in more films. I also greatly enjoyed watching Agnes Moorehead in the film, even though she appears later in the film, she's still wonderful to watch. I was disappointed with Alexis Smith's performance in the film, after I had seen her superb performance in "The Constant Nymph", I was expecting more greatness to be but that was not to happen in this movie. I felt that she was quite stiff and cold, without many emotions to show, while her performance in "The Constant Nymph" was amazing, this is a definite disappointment to view.

The film was a good little mystery, that I could easily see myself viewing again(if just for Eleanor's performance).

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Lolita said...

I haven't heard of the film before, but you certainly make it seem interesting! Perhaps I need to check it out...