Wednesday, December 30, 2009

365 Movies: Wedding Present Review

The film stars Cary Grant, Joan Bennett, and Conrad Nagel in this 1936 comedy. The film is about two newspaper writers, who plan to marry one another, when one of them can't seem to take anything seriously until he gets a worthwhile position at work. With his new job, Charlie becomes almost tyrannical with his new job and Rusty just can't take it anymore, so she ends up leaving and goes to New York, where she meets Dodacker, who is everything Charlie isn't. They become engaged and then Charlie finds out, and he wants to have his love back, so he goes chasing after her. A slew of chaos occurs after he tries to win her back. There were some funny moments in the movie, but overall not a favorite Cary Grant movie. I felt it wasn't as good as his other films.

Review for Tomorrow: Kiss and Make-Up

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Amanda said...

Sounds promising, but not his best outing.