Tuesday, December 29, 2009

365 Movies: Wings in the Dark Review

The film stars Myrna Loy, Cary Grant, and Roscoe Karns in the 1935 melodrama. The film is about an aviator(played by Cary Grant), who ends up getting himself in an accident, on the cusp on going on a trip. While recovering from the incident, the aviator finds assistance and love from an aviatrix(played Myrna Loy), who helps him through his blindness. When they first meet, Cary's character Ken Gordon dislikes Myrna's character Sheila Mason, but blindness takes him for a curve, she is the one person he can rely on. I enjoyed the film immensely especially seeing Myrna and Cary in their first movie together(they had made a total of three films together, which included "The Bachelor and Bobby-Soxer" and "Mr.Blandings Builds his Dream House"). They not only had the chemistry and spark but they work so well together, when they are in a movie together. Cary comes second for me, right after William Powell as Myrna's best leading man. Another thing that I liked about the movie, was Cary and the dog. He and the dog were so sweet to watch!!!

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