Wednesday, January 20, 2010

365 Movies: Block-Heads Review

Block-Heads stars Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy in this hilariously funny 1938 film. The film is about two men during WWI, while Hardy returns home after the bitter war in 1918, Laurel is still fighting 20 years later! After being found, Laurel and Hardy reunite, where trouble always seems to follow them. Out of the movies, I've seen this year this was the funniest and the best. Laurel and Hardy are such a team together and they are hilarious to watch. My favorite out of the two, is Laurel. His clueless, I didn't do it personality is so funny and works perfectly with Hardy's bossy know-it-all demeanor. I can't wait to watch more movies with the two of them! They are one of the funniest teams!

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Tommy Salami said...

Always liked Fat & Skinny. Laurel was truly the best- I always appreciate a comic who does so much with so little. Like Jack Benny, he could make you erupt in laughter merely with silence.

Tom said...

I agree with Tommy!

Never saw this one, but "Way Out West" is one of my favorites.

In Spanish speaking markets, the duo is called, "El Gordo Y El Flaco" (Fat and Skinny).

Wow you've seen so many movies this year so far!