Thursday, January 21, 2010

365 Movies: Crooner Review

Crooner stars David Manners and Ann Dvorak in this 1932 film. The film is about a poor musician and his band, who are unable to get any good jobs because they sound just like every other band. When on accident, the band insists that the lead of the band sing for them, their popularity skyrockets. I felt that the film was very so-so. It wasn't a very remarkable film and I just felt it was one of those movies, to not put too much thought into it. The best thing about the movie, was seeing Eddie Nugent. Anyone else love him???? :) In every one of his movies, he's always the sarcastic goofball but you love him anyway. Wasn't he great in "42nd Street" and in "Our Dancing Daughters"? For me personally, anytime I see Eddie in a movie, it makes me smile. Seriously, the only reason to see this movie is for him and he has quite a small role in it!

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