Monday, January 11, 2010

365 Movies: A Child is Born Review

A Child is Born stars Jeffrey Lynn, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Gale Page, Gladys George, and Spring Byington in this 1939 drama. The film is about a young woman(Fitzgerald), who is detained by the police after apparently killing a man. Grace Sutton(Fitzgerald) is pregnant but is unable to see her husband, which breaks both Grace's and Jed's(Lynn) hearts. The film is so incredibly heartbreaking to watch and my heart broke at the end, when Jed had to choose between his wife and his baby. I can't imagine being in that situation and I know that choosing one over the other, would be the most difficult thing for me. Though, Geraldine is top billed, I feel that the film really belonged to Jeffrey. Now I'm not basing this on the fact that he's my favorite actor but because he's really impressive in the role as Jed. I was also highly impressed by the sympathetic nurses played by Gale Page and Eve Arden, they were so sweet and endearing.

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Kate Gabrielle said...

This sounds fantastic!! I'm going to see if it's on TCM or Netflix!

VKMfan said...

Hi, nicole!

This is VKMfan from Gingerology - just joined your blog - it's great! Lots of cool info - I am trying to get more and more into 'classic' movies, and I need all the guidance I can get!

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