Tuesday, January 5, 2010

365 Movies: Primrose Path Review

Primrose Path stars Ginger Rogers and Joel McCrea in this 1940 melodrama, that was directed by Gregory La Cava. The film is about a young girl, who basically grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. Her education isn't all too good, but she's street smarts, which helps her in life. One day though, while minding her own business, Ellie May(Rogers) meets Ed Wallace and soon falls crazily in love with him but is afraid to tell him of her family. Her family is very quirky, with her Father being a drunk, her Grandmother being a nag, and her Mother being a worry wart, it's difficult for Ellie May to sometimes accept who they really are. I really liked this movie and the chemistry between Ginger and Joel is absolutely magnificent. I really wish they had made more movies together because they were fantastic together. One of Ginger's and Joel's best movies! :D

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Sarah said...

Thanks for the post- I need to check this one out!

VKMfan said...

...It's one of my faves of Ginger's...not sure, but I think it was the very first Ginger movie I remember seeing back when I was in high school in the mid-80's...before most of y'all were thought about!
A few cool facts about this movie - this was the first movie that Ginger had not been blonde in about eight years, including the RKO Ginger-Fred series run... in fact, when she went to the Los Angeles premiere of 'Gone With The Wind', she wore a turban to hide her 'non-golden' locks... Although Ginger won the 1940 Academy Award for Best Actress for "Kitty Foyle", she was almost nominated for her role in Primrose Path instead; however, the thinly veiled occupation of Ginger's character's mom (prostitute) proved controversial enough for some local markets that the nomination was given to her work in Kitty Foyle instead.

Great overview, Nicole!