Wednesday, January 6, 2010

365 Movies: Born to be Bad Review

Born to be Bad stars Joan Fontaine, Zachary Scott, Joan Leslie, Robert Ryan, and Mel Ferrer in this Nicholas Ray directed film. The film is about a woman, whose conniving and manipulating ways allows her to get what she wants in life. Joan Fontaine plays a Christabel Caine, who in the beginning portrays herself as a young innocent but when she's got a devilish side to her- she likes men a lot! She first meets her cousin Donna Foster(played by Leslie) and her fiancee Curtis Carey(played by Scott), and soon finds an attraction towards him. When he leaves to go out for the evening with Donna, Christabel meets a handsome stranger named Nick Bradley(played by Ryan), who happens to be friends with both Donna and Curtis. Christabel gets tangled up first with Nick, and then after being bored with him, goes hunting once again, this time for Curtis. The only man who doesn't seem to fall under her spell is Donna's friend, Gobby(played by Ferrer), who keeps his distance away from her. Christabel causes sadness and heartbreak between Donna and Curtis, and makes Nick hate and love her at the same time. While I enjoyed the plot of the movie, I honestly felt it lacked somewhere. I can't place it exactly but something was missing from the movie. I very much loved the casting in the film and I loved seeing Joan play a role besides the one's, she is most commonly known for- the innocent girl not up to any trouble.

Review for Tomorrow: Sex and the Single Girl(Due to my DVR not working, I'll be watching my dvd copy of Sex and the Single Girl, The Enchanted Cottage will have to wait. :(

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