Saturday, January 9, 2010

365 Movies: Second Chorus Review

Second Chorus stars Fred Astaire, Paulette Goddard, Burgess Meredith, Artie Shaw, and Charles Butterworth in this 1940 musical comedy. The film is about two buddies(Astaire and Meredith), who have remained in college for the past eight years, so that they can play in the band. When the two guys are forced to leave, they meet Ellen Miller(Goddard) a secretary who ends up getting in between the two guys' and having them fall for her. The quality of the movie was in terrible condition, and often times it was difficult to see what was on the screen because it was too dark to see. Another thing that bugged me was Artie Shaw, now don't me wrong, he and music go great together, but him and acting don't. He wasn't good at all. I really liked though, seeing Paulette and Burgess together before they were married. How cute of a couple. Charles Butterworth was very daffy but quite enjoyable to watch. The film wasn't a great film for anyone in the cast and it disappointed me with how the film turned out. A good quality about the moviewas the songs and of course the dancing. Fred and dancing can't go wrong!

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Kate Gabrielle said...

wow, I didn't know that Paulette Goddard & Burgess Meredith were married!

Sally said...

I didn't know that either! That's so cool! I agree with you about Artie Shaw's acting - not exactly Oscar-winning. The movie, on the whole, didn't impress me too much either, but I agree that the musical numbers are great. I really like the "It Seems to Me" number. The song is fun and the dance is so cute! (and I love Paulette Goddard's dress in that dance.) I also like the number about "Poor Mr. Chisholm." I get that song randomly stuck in my head all the time! Great review!