Friday, February 19, 2010

365 Movies: Cabin in the Sky Review

Cabin in the Sky stars Ethel Waters, Eddie Rochester, and Lena Horne in this 1943 film, directed by Vincente Minnelli. The film is about gambler Little Joe(Rochester) who tries to change his bad ways but when his troubles catch up to him, both the Angels and Demons try to win him over to their side. His good natured wife, Petunia(Waters) wants him to stay away from his gambling needs but the Angels and Demons keep things fiery. The Angels sent from heaven want Little Joe to change his ways and to be a good man but the Demons sent from hell, want him to continue his wicked ways. The Demons bring Georgia Brown(Horne) into the picture, to distract Little Joe away from Petunia. F0r a time, I didn't like Lena Horne. I didn't like Lena Horne for what reason, I don't know but after seeing her in this, I'm so pleased I was wrong about her. She was a sultry and brilliant actress. If Ethel Waters wasn't stealing the movie with her incredible acting and singing, Lena would be next in line for her excellent performance in this movie. I loved the storyline about a man, who had to choose between good and evil. It was an enjoyable and delightful film and I can not wait to see more of Lena Horne!

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