Wednesday, February 17, 2010

365 Movies: Destination Tokyo Review

Destination Tokyo stars Cary Grant, John Garfield, Dane Clark, Alan Hale, Robert Hutton, and William Prince in this 1943 film. The film is about a crew of men, who are sent to go to Tokyo to do a secret mission. Abroad a slew of different characters from newbie Tommy Adams(Hutton) to lady chaser, Wolf(Garfield). The guys have one mission on their minds and that's to complete the task, that was given to them. The guys each support one another and each stand by another, when dangers comes by. My favorite character had to have been Pills(Prince), not only because I adore William Prince but because his character seems to mature the most. He goes from a hot shot non believer, to a believer and into a stronger man. I loved the juicy role, that Prince was given because he nailed the role. Another favorite character was Alan Hale's Cookie, the cook. He had some very good comedic moments and seriously it's always good to see Hale. I really liked Garfield in this, I felt he played a character, that wasn't typical of him to play. Clark seemed to play more of a Garfield-type role. I loved seeing John Forsythe in the movie and he played the role excellently. It's a bit long but I did like it. I thought it was definitely action packed and I loved the brotherly love between the men.

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Artman2112 said...

i love sub-flicks and this is one of the best imo. i agree with you, there's a great sense of comraderie in it. Alan Hale's presence really is worth his considerable weight in gold too, i love that guy!
Delmer Daves is usually overlooked as a writer/director but he made some interesting films. Audiences must've enjoyed the interplay between Garfield and Clark because they were teamed up again in Daves' Pride of the Marines not too long after this one.

i have an orignial one sheet poster for this film somewhere around here....