Friday, February 5, 2010

365 Movies: Meet Me After the Show Review

Meet Me After the Show stars Betty Grable, MacDonald Carey, Eddie Albert, Rory Calhoun, and Gwen Verdon in this 1951 musical. The film is about married couple- Delilah Lee(Grable) and Jeff Ames(Carey), who are working team. She's the star of the Broadway play, he's producing. While they seem to be happy, Delilah is quite fed up with following Jeff's every rule and when she catches her husband and a woman named Gloria Carstairs(Lois Andrews), who is backing the show kissing, she looses it. Delilah goes all out and pretends she has amnesia to give her husband a real good kick in the head. Now I have a huuuuuuuge weakness........ and it's Betty Grable! When I don't see her movies in a bit,I don't really think of her but when I see her in a movie, my love for her comes right on back. She's very entertaining to watch and this movie doesn't disappoint with the entertainment. Grable and Carey are so much fun to watch and the two have great chemistry. Eddie Albert is fabulous as always! The storyline is pretty easy to read and you can basically know what's going to happen but all in all, it's a delightfully sweet movie!

Review for Tomorrow: Moon Over Miami(A Re-Watch and I just can't get enough Grable!)

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just seeing that photo of Gene Kelly on the left side-bar, made my day. He is so gorgeous, suave, everything!!! thanks!