Thursday, February 4, 2010

365 Movies: Pinky Review

Pinky stars Jeanne Crain, Ethel Waters, Ethel Barrymore, and William Lundigan in this 1949 film, that was directed by Elia Kazan.The film is about Pinky(Crain), a light skinned black woman, whom after some time in the North, returns back to her home in South. While in the North, Pinky feels she is treated just like everyone else because she never really reveals herself. When she returns back home, the realization of being just like everybody else is soon knocked off her radar. Racism is still around and when the townspeople find out who she really is, they don't treat her the way she should be treated. It's a very powerful and moving movie, that shows you just how disgusting racism is. It doesn't matter what sex, religion, or color you are, everyone needs to be treated with the same respect. This film shows the watcher, how cruel and ignorant people can be and what it can do to the person that is being attacked. It's a film that stands in line with other great films such as "Gentlemen's Agreement" and "To Kill a Mockingbird". This film and the two I just mentioned above are films, that make you reevaluate the way you think and the way you see others.

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monty said...

Great review of Pinky, Nicole. I just saw it the other night for the very first time and thought it was a great film. The three women: Crain, Barrymore, and Waters were all standouts. Definetly Jeanne Crain who just blew me away. I plan on writing a review of it too. But like I said you wrote an excellent review.

Sarah said...

Just saw this yesterday. I thought it was a wonderful approach to show how torn Pinky was from taking the easy way out and sticking it out for her granny's sake. A really touching film.