Sunday, March 7, 2010

365 Movies: Street Scene Review

Street Scene stars Sylvia Sidney, William Collier Jr, and Estelle Taylor in this 1931 film, directed by King Vidor. The film is about a group of neighbors, who gossip and chat about everyone and never seem to mind their own business. They are extremely nosy people and won't attend to their own business unless they know everyone else's. Sylvia Sidney plays Rose Maurrant, a young girl, who tries to protect her Mother from the neighbors but she can only do so much. Her Mother played by Estelle Taylor tries to live her life as normal as possible but with neighbors constantly picking on her and her alcoholic husband, the only comfort she finds is from another man. Rose finds her comfort and happiness from another neighbor, Sam Kaplan(Collier Jr), who doesn't involve himself in the silly going ons. Nothing really happens in the film until the last twenty minutes. It's quite slow until that moment. It's just a bunch of catty people, who can't seemed to mind their own business and tend to their lives. I found Matt McHugh(Frank's brother) to be quite a slime ball but he played it well. William Collier seemed a little off with his acting and his performance wasn't all too great. Even though a short movie, this movie felt like it was lot longer. I enjoyed watching the performances of Estelle and Sylvia greatly, but the storyline dragged so much.

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