Saturday, March 6, 2010

365 Movies: Alice in Wonderland Review

Alice in Wonderland stars Mia Wasikowska, Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway, Crispin Glover, Matt Lucas, and a million more talented actors in this Tim Burton directed film. The film is about 19 year old day dreamer, Alice is more interested in the fantasy world, than in her own life. Through the fantasy world, Alice meets a slew of wacky characters from the Mad Hatter(Depp) to the Red Queen(Bonham Carter). While the film is visually stunning to look at, the altercation in the film put me off a bit. I understand they would change it but having her be a young girl to 19 didn't make any sense to me. I also didn't like the way the beginning of the film started. They create her as girl with a serious problem with paying attention, when in the book and in the 1951 version of the film, she's a young girl whisked away by the fantasy of her dreams. This just seemed like she had ADD or something, she couldn't keep her attention on anything until she falls into the hole. While critics seemed to pay more attention to the more elaborate characters, I liked the lesser known ones such as the Dormouse. Anne Hathaway was sooooo over the top as the White Queen. Her movement and performance was very exaggerated! I honestly believe critics should pay more attention to Mia's performance. Her performance as Alice is very subtle and natural. Today was a very odd day for me, so I thought I'd give this film a chance and I'm glad I did. Not a bad film but nothing as outstanding that I've been hearing from critics.

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Kate Gabrielle said...

That's such a strange thing they did, changing the original plot. I've always loved the fact that she just has an overactive imagination, not that she has some kind of attention problem..

Why was today an odd day? After seeing your facebook status update, I'm really curious what went on today!! NF! :)

Clement of the Glen said...

It looks a beautifully made film with stunning special effects and I look forward to seeing it. But I agree, why did they need to imply that as a 19 year old, she had some sort of a mental health problem.

Sally said...

It's strange that they felt the need to change things around like that. I'm very glad to read your review! I've heard nothing but rave reviews from everyone and I'm slightly skeptical about the whole thing, so your review is the most helpful review I've read!

Artman2112 said...

personally i feel Tim Burton is way overrated as a director. a great imagination yes but not the best storyteller imo. Ed Wood is my fave of his films that i've seen. i couldnt even sit through 10 minutes of that repugnant Willie Wonka remake, blech!!