Friday, April 16, 2010

365 Movies: Chance at Heaven Review

Chance at Heaven stars Ginger Rogers, Joel McCrea, and Marian Nixon in this 1933 film. The film is about gas attendant Blacky Gorman(McCrea) who is engaged to be married to his sweetheart, Marje Harris(Rogers) but instead finds himself very attracted to wealthy débutante Glory Franklyn(Nixon). Breaking her engagement off from her beau, Marje builds up a friendship between Glory and her ex. When things begin to crumble apart for the couple, Blacky finds out that, Marje will always be there for him. It's a mediocre little known film and the cast is great. Glory's Mother is positively annoying and quite often, Glory tries to not be like her Mother but in the end, she's just like her.

Review for Tomorrow: Gidget Goes Hawaiian(What?! It's a guilty pleasure, Millie knows what I'm talking about! Lol)

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VKMfan said...

Nice overview, Nicole! This movie is not bad, but for Gingerologists, just not enough 'sassy' Ginger we all expect in some form or fashion... her character is basically a Melanie from GWTW type...well, maybe not THAT 'pristine', but pretty close. And it's like, HOW do you EVER break off with Ginger in ANY capacity, much less in this 'totally sweet and loyal, etc.' mode? It just didn't add up...
Yeah, the mom is pretty funny in this one...overall, worth watching.

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