Thursday, April 15, 2010

365 Movies: The Parent Trap Review

The Parent Trap stars Hayley Mills, Maureen O' Hara, and Brian Keith in this 1961 Disney classic. The film is about two girls, who are away at camp, only to find out they are sisters. The two sisters devise a plan for both of them to meet the other parent and potentially get their parents back together. Hayley Mills stars as Susan and Sharon and she does an absolutely marvelous job at it. You totally believe they are two different people but with the magic of the camera, it's actually just Hayley. Maureen was snappy and stylish but totally lovable in this film. Brian Keith was splendid as the girl's Father. My favorite characters though, were played by Una Merkel(she was the maid) and Charlie Ruggles, who played the Grandfather. This is a fun film for the entire family to watch and personally I would recommend watching this version, over the re-make.

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