Tuesday, April 13, 2010

365 Movies: Desirable Review

Desirable stars George Brent, Jean Muir, and Verree Teasdale in this 1934 Archie Mayo film. The film is about inexperienced and naive 19 year old Lois Johnson(Muir) who returns home after being hidden away in a school. Upon her return, she meets her Mother's lover Stuart McAllister(Brent) and they quickly become friends. Lois' Mother is a stage actress and upon hearing about her daughter and her lover, she tries to sabotage the poor girl and the potential relationship between the two. It's a nice little simple film and Brent and Muir play off one another very well. The two are sweet and lovely as the couple. Verree Teasdale as the Mother can come off as quite obnoxious but she acts well.

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