Wednesday, April 14, 2010

365 Movies: Finishing School Review

Finishing School stars Frances Dee, Bruce Cabot, Ginger Rogers, and Billie Burke in this 1934 film. The film is about Virginia Radcliff(Dee), a young and naive girl, who is sent to private school. With the school, she meets Pony Ferris(Rogers) a fire cracker of a girl, who helps Virginia get out of her shell a little. While out on a trip with Pony, she accidentally meets Ralph MacFarland(Cabot) after being pushed around by a drunk, Mac comes to help her out. Pretty quickly, the two become close friends. Virginia feels like she can be comfortable in her own skin with Mac around and he feels just the same with her. The film is all around a so-so film. The performances are alright, the storyline is alright. Everything about this movie is just okay, nothing absolutely thrilling but not at all, dragging. I thought Dee and Rogers were wonderful as friends. They appeared to really watch one another's back and that was sweet to watch.

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