Thursday, April 8, 2010

365 Movies: The Red Danube Review

The Red Danube stars Walter Pidgeon, Ethel Barrymore, Peter Lawford, Angela Lansbury, and Janet Leigh in this 1949 film. The film is about British Colonel Nicobar(Pidgeon) who is assigned to bring refugees back to the Soviet Union, but a complication arises. Major John McPhimister(Lawford) falls for Maria Buhlen(Leigh) who is a refugee, who escaped from her country and hid her true identity. At first, Nicobar feels its his duty to return her back, but he soon realizes the damage he's doing to the young couple, and stops his actions. Though the film is about a serious subject, there were some light moments, which I greatly appreciated seeing. The entire cast is splendid but the overall film, didn't do much for me. I didn't really feel that there was much chemistry or spark between Lawford and Leigh. And really Lawford, can not pull off a mustache. He's still handsome but the mustache didn't work well for him. Lol. sorry for the total randomness.

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