Tuesday, April 27, 2010

365 Movies: A Ticklish Affair Review

A Ticklish Affair stars Shirley Jones, Gig Young, Red Buttons, and Carolyn Jones in this 1963 film. The film is about widow, Amy Martin(S.Jones) who meets Commander Weedon(Young), after an S.O.S. signal comes from her house. The signal comes from her three sons. The two immediately connect and when they become so close, that marriage is mentioned, they part. I felt that romance between Jones and Young was far too rushed and there was absolutely no chemistry between the two. Shirley was dashing to watch but seeing as I'm not a big fan of Gig, I didn't find him to be to interesting to watch. This was my first movie, watching Red and I quite liked him. He and Carolyn were adorable! I felt that the comedy and storyline in this film was rather weak and far-fetched.

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KC said...

I'm impressed by how you've kept this 365 thing going! I also love learning about all these new movies. Thanks so much :-)