Saturday, May 15, 2010

365 Movies: Chatterbox Review

Chatterbox stars Anne Shirley, Phillips Holmes, Edward Ellis, and Margaret Hamilton in this 1936 film. The film is about a young and ambition starstruck kid named Jenny Yates(Shirley) who dreams to be a stage actress, like her Mother. Her Grandfather(Ellis) is completely against his Granddaughter's ambitions and when the two have a quarrel, the two seem to go separate ways. Upon her leaving, Jenny meets a charming and handsome painter named Phil Greene(Holmes), who tries everything in his power to get her back home, but she is relentless and refuses to go back. It's a rather short film, but I really quite like it. I thought Anne played the role well, but I do have to admit, the character can get a tad obnoxious. Phillips is a lot better in this film, than in "An American Tragedy". He has more of a personality in this, and he and Anne are so sweet together. I really loved seeing Edward and Margaret play such opposite roles, that I'm not used to seeing them play. They did it superbly.

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