Monday, May 3, 2010

365 Movies: Once a Thief Review

Once a Thief stars Alain Delon, Ann Margret, Jack Palance, and Van Heflin in this 1965 film. The film is about an ex-con(Delon) trying to clean up his act and attempting to go straight, but complications come in the middle of this. His brother, Walter(Palance) tries to get his brother back to his bad ways, while his wife(Margret) tries to pull him away from it all. This movie had the potential to be a really good film, but lacked in so much. The acting is great but the storyline and direction is a snooze. This was my first time, seeing Alain and I did like him. I think he resembles James Dean quite a bit. The chemistry between Alain and Ann was nonexistent. This film was just so bland and lacked a great deal of interest for me.

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KC said...

If you want to see more Delon, I recommend Le Samourai and Purple Noon. He's one of my favorite actors!