Sunday, May 2, 2010

365 Movies: Night Train to Munich Review

Night Train to Munich stars Rex Harrison, Paul Henreid, Margaret Lockwood, Basil Radford, and Naunton Wayne in this 1940 film. After her Father narrowly escapes from the Nazis, Anna Bomasch(Lockwood) tries to flee as well to get to her Father but is soon caught and thrown into a camp. While locked away in the camp, Anna meets fellow prisoner, Karl Marsen(Henreid) and the two create a bond. The two escape from the camp and all seems to be turning out well, except one thing- Karl is a Gestapo agent! A British spy hiding his true identity, tries to help her and her Father through chaos that's going around. This was an intriguing and thrilling film, from beginning to end. I loved the entire cast but Paul was absolutely amazing! I loved that he played such an evil character, when in real life, he was completely against it. He did the role splendidly. I also loved Basil and Naunton; they were not only wonderful in this, but hilariously fun in "The Lady Vanishes".

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