Saturday, May 29, 2010

365 Movies: The Shining Hour Review

The Shining Hour stars Joan Crawford, Robert Young, Melvyn Douglas, Margaret Sullavan, and Fay Bainter, in this 1938 Frank Borzage film. After marrying Henry(Douglas), Olivia(Crawford) is faced with jealously and resent from his family. His younger brother, David(Young) becomes quite infatuated with Olivia, while their older sister, Hannah(Bainter) thinks that Olivia is only there to hurt the family. Judy(Sullavan) who has been somewhat of a sister to David and Henry finds Olivia charming, but when they both have feelings for the same guy, complications arise. I didn't think that this was that bad of a film. There could be more of a storyline but overall, it wasn't too bad. Being a huge fan of Young and Douglas, it was nice to see them in another movie together. They really are so much fun to watch! The ending can be a bit exaggerated but I still liked the movie.

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