Friday, May 28, 2010

365 Movies: Sunday in New York Review

Sunday in New York stars Cliff Robertson, Jane Fonda, and Rod Taylor in this 1963 comedy. Waiting for his girl to show up, Adam(Robertson) is shocked and surprised to see his younger sister, Eileen(Fonda) come in. Eileen fed up with how her relationship is going with her beau, decides to visit her older brother, for some support. When Adam's girl finds out about his sister visiting, the two decide to go somewhere else, and leave his sister at the apartment. Eileen, not wanting to be stuck in all day, decides to explore New York, where she accidentally meets Mike(Taylor). I had seen this movie, a few years back but I really didn't appreciate it back then. This time around though, it was marvelously funny! Cliff and Rod are so hysterical, especially when Adam first meets Mike. Jane was another fine act in this film, but I really think the film belonged to the boys. Delightful fun!

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Millie said...

"That's the loop-hole."

Haha! That line makes me laugh so much!