Saturday, May 8, 2010

365 Movies: That Funny Feeling Review

That Funny Feeling stars Sandra Dee, Bobby Darrin, and Donald O' Connor in this 1965 comedy. While out working, Tom Milford(Darin) has a maid come in and clean his apartment. Unknown to him, though is the maid is a very pretty woman named Joan Howell(Dee), who pretends that the apartment is her's. Neither of them have met one another, and when they fall for each other rather quickly, things begin to add up. It's so fun and cute to watch! Bobby and Sandra are so cute together and they work like magic together. I loved Donald O' Connor as the worry wart best friend, he was hysterical! Nita Talbot as Sandra's trusted and devoted friend was marvelous as well. This was a fun Saturday night movie and I definitely recommend it!

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monty said...

Great review Nicole. I need to see more of Sandra Dee films.

Sarah said...

Yay!! Didn't you just crack up at the duck scene? Nita was my favorite! (After Sandy of course!)

Sally said...

I love this movie!! Great review!