Wednesday, June 30, 2010

365 Movies: Lust for Gold Review

Lust for Gold stars Glenn Ford, William Prince, Ida Lupino, and Gig Young in this 1949 film. Intrigued by the stories of his Grandfather's goldmine, Barry(Prince) investigates and tries to find the hidden mine. Through his point of view, you understand the legend behind the gold-mine and how everyone crazes to get their hands on the gold. Through flashblacks, the audience gets to see how Barry's Grandfather(Ford) found the gold, and what became of it. It actually was quite interesting and it did hold my interest throughout the film. The only part, I didn't like was Gig. I've said it, several times before, but I've always thought Gig was very wooden with his acting, and in this, he's playing the same exact wooden role, he's known for. He didn't do much for me, but I did like Glenn and Ida; I thought they were marvelous. But to be honest, the best part of the movie for me, was that William had a fairly big role. Even though, he's listed fourth in the credits, he probably has the most screen time, which I loved. I did think it was funny that, Glenn is supposed to be Dutch, but his actual American accent keeps on popping out. Overall, not a bad film!

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