Tuesday, June 29, 2010

365 Movies: The Great Mr. Nobody Review

The Great Mr. Nobody stars Eddie Albert, Joan Leslie, and Alan Hale in this 1941 film. Good hearted but rather dumb, Robert Smith(Albert) is constantly letting others walk over him, without even realizing. Truly not meaning not to hurt anyone, Robert doesn't realize that half of the time, he's hurting his chances for happiness. His girl, Mary(Leslie) supports him, but hates to see him, being pushed around, and most of the time, she gets upset with how he deals with things. It had a good idea for a film, but really didn't hold much of an interest for me. Even with the 19 year age difference, between Eddie and Joan, I did honestly think, they were a good coupling. It's a so-so film, with a mediocre story-line, which leaves it, not very memorable.

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