Sunday, June 6, 2010

365 Movies: The Strawberry Blonde Review

The Strawberry Blonde stars James Cagney, Olivia De Havilland, Jack Carson, Rita Hayworth, George Tobias, and Alan Hale in this 1941. Raoul Walsh film. His entire life, Biff(Cagney) has been suckered punched into doing things, he doesn't necessarily want to do, because of his bully of a friend, Hugo(Carson). While waiting for Hugo to come to his office, Biff reminisces about his past and the poor decisions, that followed when he was friends with Hugo. Biff's wife, Amy(De Havilland) is a patient and kind woman, and the two match perfectly together. While he's a tad hot-headed, she's cool and patient. They seem like the ideal couple, compared to Hugo and his wife, Virginia(Hayworth), who seem to argue more than make up. It had some laughs and the cast was amazing, but overall it was a so-so film. My favorite character in this, was Old Man Grimes(Hale), Biff's Father. He was hysterical!

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