Saturday, June 5, 2010

365 Movies: Wing and a Prayer Review

Wing and a Prayer stars Don Ameche, Dana Andrews, William Eythe, and Charles Bickford in this 1944 film. The film is the story of the Carrier X, during World War II. Abroad a lot of the men, just want to get down and fight, but they have strict orders, to not. Hotshot actor, Hallam Scott(Eythe) doesn't follow the rules, and most of the time, ticks off his superiors. Lt Commander Edward Moulton(Andrews) tries to help and direct the boys but he too has to be careful. Flight Commander Bingo Harper(Ameche) is a touch cookie, and if anyone is out of line, he takes immediate notice. It had the potential to be a fantastic film, but it fell pretty soon into starting up. Many times, studios brought new actors and tried to make them into stars. Some of these actors, weren't all that great at acting; though they had the looks, the talent wasn't there. A fine example was from William Eythe. The film is basically centered around his character, but he just doesn't deliver. The rest of the cast did excellently, but it was he, who made the film lack. Besides William, I felt that the storyline was really flat and it didn't have much material to hold onto. I loved seeing Don play such a strict and non-emotional character. It was so completely different from his usual roles.

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