Saturday, July 3, 2010

365 Movies: The Cocoanuts Review

The Cocoanuts stars The Max Brothers, Margaret Dumont, and Oscar Shaw in this 1929 film. In their first film, the Marx Brothers' star in this zany tail of a bankrupted hotel. The owner, Hammer(Groucho) wants to bring in some more dough, so he flirts with a very rich woman(played by Dumont) in hopes of gaining of getting money and exposure out of her. Two con artists(Harp and Chico) have different plans for Hammer, and most of the time, they screw everything up. It's a very funny film, and had me laughing at many moments, but it didn't have the same charm, that the other films had. I think, the reason it lacked a little for me, was because it was there first film. Some of there humor in this, is funny, but not nearly good as there later stuff. I was quite disappointed to find out that Zeppo had such a meaningless role. Even though he's very adorable, he really didn't being much to the film. Chico and Harpo were the laughs for me, in this film. So utterly hysterical!

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